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There are few adults who do not have an opinion about being a teenager. Some sailed through as spot-free individuals, while others sat cooped up in their bedrooms with only Axl Rose for company. But whatever your story, thinking about it rekindles strong emotions.

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A new mobile banking startup called Step wants to help bring teenagers and other young adults into the cashless era. Today, cash is used less often, as more consumers shop online and send money to one another through payment apps like Venmo. But teenagers in particular are still heavily burdened with cash — even though they, too, want to spend their money on things that require a payment card, like Amazon.

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Thanks to the internet, American teenagers can engage media material and create their own content in ways their parents could not. The internet and digital publishing technologies have given them the tools to create, remix, and share content on a scale that had previously only been accessible to the professional gatekeepers of broadcast, print, and recorded media outlets. Frequent internet use is the norm among teenagers ages in the U. Some 21 million teens those ages use the internet and half of them use the internet daily and another third use it once a week or more.

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Rather than pulling customers into the fold, marketers are pushing them away with relentless and ill-conceived efforts to engage. What do consumers want from marketers? Companies should minimize the number of information sources consumers must touch as they move confidently toward a purchase.

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In my last blog regarding usability, I detailed some of the design features and functionality that make eCommerce user-friendly for an older demographic. These digital natives, ages years old, are comfortable with evolving technologies, new features, and shopping concepts that take shopping online to a whole new level. Investment firm Piper Jaffrayin its 25 th semi-annual study, found that 79 percent of teen females and 76 percent of males shopped online, with 70 percent of those teens shopping online at their favorite stores.

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Next week in New York City, a group of global marketers will gather to talk about the challenges of marketing to teenagers. Ed Gordon talks with marketing executives Hadji Williams and Deborah Patton about how marketers sell to young people, and issues of corporate responsiblity. Generation Y is widely considered to be the last generation of Americans born in the 20th century.

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It used to be that for small businesses, teenagers were a liability. According to popular business mythology, they loved to loiter, were prone to shoplifting and were far more likely to make a ruckus than to make a purchase. The savviest among them are able to recognize true market potential when they see it, and to disregard stereotypes in order to seize opportunities. They look at teenagers and see not troublemakers, but rather a powerful group of American consumers.

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Many investors and analysts have increasingly lowered their expectations for the U. Billionaire investor Howard Marks, the co-chairman of Oaktree Capital, predicts there won't be a recession in the U. Network officials also said voters should expect more of a Koch focus on grassroots activism throughout the election cycle.

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The "fur rush" state bans trapping of animals for recreational or fur sale purposes. Port officials scramble to clear a Georgia waterway after a cargo ship capsizes. Fast-growing, genetically modified salmon have been approved for distribution in the United States. Everyone daydreams, and as it should be.


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