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Household pets—especially dogs—have a habit of peeing on lawn grass. Over time, with repeated urination, the acidity from the urine can damage the grass and create unsightly brown, dead spots on your lawn. You can treat each urine-soaked spot with a liquid lawn-repair treatment.

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I want some scented Epsom salt!?! Where did you get it? Might even bring an unexpected pleasant fragrance to the yard!

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Watch where your dog goes to the toilet. Is it in the spot with the dried up grass? Guilty as charged.

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Keep in mind that best way to maintain a healthy lawn is a regimented mowing, irrigation, and fertilization program. America loves its dogs; that fact is indisputable. More than 90 million dogs live in households in the United States today. And more dogs translate to more lawns with brown spots, as we are reminded of too frequently.

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Dog Spots are caused by dog urine or an overdose of ammonia nitrogen from the urine of the dog. The ammonia in the dog urine causes a nitrogen burn in the grass. The center of the dog spot was exposed to too much nitrogen, therefore, the grass absorbed the nitrogen too quickly and burned the lawn.

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Sharing your yard with a canine companion can be one of the best parts of having a lawn—until dog urine lawn spots and other dog damage show up in your carpet of green. By learning how to fix dog urine spots on lawns and prevent other dog-related lawn damage, you and your dog can coexist harmoniously and enjoy a beautiful, lush lawn. Get your four-legged buddy on board and follow these basics for simple, effective dog urine grass repair:.

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Not only do the spots make the yard look less attractive, they are also hard to get rid of. Add in two or more dogs, and you may be facing a completely dead lawn in the not too distant future. The yellow spots that develop after your dog urinates on your lawn are caused by the high concentration of nitrogen-containing compounds and associated salts that are naturally present in dog urine.

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We all love our pets. However, as fun and rewarding as dogs are, lawn dog damage remains a serious problem and a challenge for pet owners. Urine damage from dogs is a leading cause of dead spots throughout the lawn.

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For dog owners who take pride in a beautiful lawn, it can be frustrating to look outside and see burnt grass where your dog does its business. Dog urine can create unsightly brown or yellow spots of dead grass, and some dog owners believe that it's just part of living with dogs. However, this doesn't have to be the case.

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Although we love our dogs, we do not always love the side effects to owning one. They make the yard unsightly and seem just about impossible to get rid of. If you have multiple dogs, you can quickly find yourself with a dead lawn.