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I have a copy too, lying on my nightstand, silently judging me the past couple of weeks for barely reading it. McKay is undaunted. Not really.

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M ary Poppins Returns will face some unlikely competition for the Golden Globe award for best musical or comedy film in January. Vice, nominated in the same category, is a darkly comical biopic of former US vice-president Dick Cheney. An alternative title might have been Darth Vader Returns.

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When a prospective member of George W. Bush's cabinet drew up a list of reasons why he was not right for the job, the incoming vice president interjected: "I had a list just like yours, except I had three heart attacks on mine. Besides his heart problems, he had been out of elective politics for over a decade, resided in the same state as Bush, and matched his ideological leanings so closely that he provided little balance for the ticket.

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Loyal service under four Republican presidents and a decade of leadership in Congress brought Richard B. Cheney born to the inner circle in President George Bush's cabinet as secretary of defense. Assuming the post in Marchhe faced Panamanian and Iraqi crises as well as an altered relationship with a disintegrating Soviet Union.

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Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Log in or Sign up. In the United States, most vice presidents are relatively inactive within the Oval Office itself.

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Yet the movie, which itself is a cinematic mediocrity that is being hailed as a potential Oscar contender partially due to its subject matter and the established pedigree of its white male filmmaker. Vice is a cradle-to-grave biopic of the political career of Dick Cheney. And, yes, Christian Bale absolutely transforms into the title character in a truly remarkable turn even from an actor known for being something of a chameleon.

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Born in in Nebraska, Dick Cheney entered politics in Beginning as an intern for the Senate, Cheney quickly rose to power by first becoming an aide to the Wisconsin governor, then working for President Richard Nixon 's administration in He served as Gerald Ford 's chief of staff from tothen served six terms in Congress before being appointed secretary of defense by President George H.

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Today Dick Cheney is known as George W. Bush's vice president and a GOP stalwart. But before taking on Washington, Cheney's road was less than perfectly paved with many bumps that had an influence on his political outlook and rise to the top. Here's a look at how a young Cheney found his path in life and politics.

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Bush, is now a steady, quiet, and influential force behind his daughter Liz Cheney's climb to the highest echelons of GOP politics. A political duo since Dick Cheney, 78, left the West Wing intheir partnership has extended to the House of Representatives, where Liz Cheney, 52, was elected the No. Republicans who know the congresswoman believe her sights are set on House minority leader, speaker — or even national office.

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Enough so that for some, the George W. With his new feature film, Vicethe onetime head writer of Saturday Night Live and longtime collaborator of Will Ferrell has subjected the former veep to what now might be called the McKay Treatment: a sardonic blend of drama, comedy, sarcasm, surrealism, and snark. But the movie—which shifts back and forth between clever farce and serious-as-a-heart-attack tragedy—is also a contemplation of power and the lust for it.


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